GreenTexts™ Saves Money & Trees

Your Prospects Can Text, Scan, or Tap to Launch Your GreenTexts™ App

When you launch our GreenTexts™ App, it gives your event attendees a list of all the print at your table. They can then choose what they would like to receive digitally. This saves money and trees.

It then tags them based on their interests and delivers a list of segmented, qualified, leads to you at the end of every event.

Imagine a shorter action cycle and faster results for sales, HR, and community outreach. 

educe your print costs

Reduce Your Print Costs by up to 100% and Save More Trees

Brochures and catalogues cost a lot of money to print, and even more to ship.

If you are like most exhibitors, you find it less expensive to leave unused print material behind instead of shipping it home after an event. This all too common practice wastes money and unnecessarily increases your environmental footprint.  

GreenTexts™ reduces paper by allowing people to receive your marketing materials digitally by simply texting a single word.

segment your leads

Capture & Segment Better Leads 

Another challenge with print is that people take it, walk away and disappear. If you are at a larger event, they probably forget you by the time they reach the end of the aisle.  

GreenTexts™ captures your prospect's information and allows them to self-segment, so you know who is interested in what. The result is a clearly defined and segmented list at the end of each event.  

Therefore, you save money and time in follow-up because your leads are further down the funnel.  

remove friction points

Clear the Path to Yes!

Badge scanning systems are pricey, most are not great at segmenting leads, and more people are refusing the intrusion of having their badges scanned.  

GreenTexts™ allows people to engage on their terms and lets them choose whether or not they are ready to have you follow up.