Virtual Exhibit Hall

reenShows™ sample lobby

Custom Branded Lobby

Your GreenShows™ virtual trade show, job fair, or market is totally customized with your brand and colors.

From event registration, through search, to the What's New Showcase, it's your event's brand on display.

Affordable V-Booths

We have three brandable packages and a custom package, all at a fraction of the cost of exhibiting at a physical venue. Better yet, we can offer better analytics.

Multiple Search Options

Attendees can search booths alphabetically, by category, by walking view, or just start at the beginning and scroll.

reenShows™ virtual booth

Multiple Contact Options

Attendees can contact vendors with a single click by phone or e-mail on all booths. In the upper tier booths, live chat and video chat can be enabled.

even streams

Multiple Revenue Streams For Your Organization

We've got it all covered! We want to help you keep your events profitable and sustainable so when we get back to normal you can hit the ground running.

From booth sales, to multiple sponsor levels, to premium listings, and the What's New Showcase, there are plenty of opportunities to monetize your V-show.

traffic control graphic

Built-In Traffic Control

No one wants 5000 people converging on one booth at the same time, so our system distributes traffic evenly.

Analytics graphic

Visitor Analytics to Prove Your Exhibitors Investment

Deliver powerful analytics to your exhibitors at the end of your event to prove how well your virtual event is working for them.

giving back graphic

Thoughtful e-Swag

We love keeping people working and businesses alive, and our swag also gives back. Book a demo to see how our e-swag gives back.